Statement Production and Delivery:

Managing, manipulating, and ingesting hundreds of sales files from multiple retailers can be dizzying.  Now throw in hundreds of agreements with varying rates, territories, and reporting periods combined with expenses recouped at varying percentages; and what you end up with is complex and taxing workload that leaves little or no time to focus on growth and the implementation of new ideas, products, and service offerings.

Re-claim your time and let Royalty Solutions shoulder the reporting burden.  Royalty Solutions will provide your label partners with accurate, timely, and professionally prepared royalty statements on a semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis in accordance with your distribution agreements. 

In the spirit of truly removing the tedium from your day-to-day operations, Royalty Solutions can also handle the statement and payment distributions on your behalf if you so choose.

We put each statement we produce through a rigorous reconciliation process ensuring complete accuracy ahead of delivery.  Furthermore, we make certain to produce your royalty statements ahead of schedule leaving ample time for client revisions, adjustments, and approvals.


Á la Carte Label Services:

Often distribution companies are contacted with requests for payments, licenses, and reportings that are often the responsibility of the distributed partner (i.e. mechanical licensing, mechanical royalties, artist statements, etc.).  With label and artist services powered by Royalty Solutions, we allow distribution companies the ability to offer their distributed partners á la carte services that are typically out of the distributors “wheel house.”  Furthermore, in the aforementioned scenario, Royalty Solutions can offer label and artist services at wholesale pricing, allowing the distributor to set their own retail price for á la carte label and artist service offerings.

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