RSC at SXSW – Visit Our Panel on Cover Recordings

Mark Spier and Julien Frank will be participating in a panel hosted by Royalty Solutions at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, TX. The panel Cover Recordings: Career Boost or Bust? will take place on Friday, March 20 at 3:30. If you’re going to SXSW we’d love to see you there. You can see the panel description below and in addition, you can visit Give It Away Now: The “Value” In Free Music to find out more about the panel being hosted by our sister company, Memory Lane Music.

Did you know that the Rolling Stones started out covering Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard? Cover recordings and performances can be a great way to showcase your skills and make a name for yourself. YouTube, Glee, and The Voice have created a comeback for the cover, but many artists are reluctant to become known only for their covers. Some even believe there’s a stigma attached. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of starting out with cover recordings and what you can do to get your songs out successfully and legally.

For more information, please visit the SXSW website.