Vote For SxSW Panel: Cover Recordings

Royalty Solutions created a panel proposal for 2015 SxSW. Please take a min to vote on the SxSW Panel Picker. Cover Recordings: Career Boost or Bust? This panel will discuss the pros and cons of starting out with cover recordings and what you can do to get your songs out successfully and legally.

Welcome 300 Entertainment to Royalty Solutions

ROYALTY SOLUTIONS CORP selected by 300 ENTERTAINMENT to administer ROYALTY AND LICENSING SERVICES   Royalty Solutions Corp, a royalty processing and licensing service company, is excited to announce its newest client, 300 Entertainment. Royalty Solutions Corp, with its reputation for unparalleled customer service, accuracy, and reliability offers 300 Entertainment the ability to focus its energies on

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Royalty Rates Continue to be Debated

The way artists & labels as well as writers & publishers are compensated is under a microscope with the US Justice Department reviewing consent decrees and the music industry pushing for terrestrial radio to start paying for the use of music. Now some are examining the difference in compensation between labels & artists and writers

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