Licensing and YouTube – A Music Users Guide

This week, Sonic Scoop takes on the “Ins and Outs” of licensing cover songs for YouTube. The piece gives a simple overview of the steps that one needs to take, be it a casual uploader or more professional producer, for licensing music for both syncs and covers in videos posted to YouTube. Sonic Scoop sites an uptick in lawsuits and legislation in recent years as a reason to correctly license one’s music in the first place, rather than dealing with the repercussions after the fact.

Since there are currently no exact legal standards for what video creators must pay for these types of uses, the advice is fairly simple. For use of original song recordings or videos of covers (synchronization uses) contact the music publishers of the song you would like to use. The correct publishers can general be found through BMI, ASCAP and SESAC.

Although the article is fairly basic, it’s a great start for new content providers getting in step with the ever changing industry standards for music uses in new technology.