Licensing, Beastie Boys, and Monster Energy

Earlier this month, it was reported that the Beastie Boys are suing Monster Energy Co. (makers of the popular energy drink) for almost $2.4 million for copyright infringement and legal fees. The incident came about when Monster released a web video featuring a remix of several Beastie Boys songs to promote an upcoming event. While Monster received permission from the D.J. who mixed the track, the company stopped short of clearing the use with all parties, including the Beastie Boys.

In an article on, an Intellectual Property Blog, Lewis Roca Rothgerber identifies three takeaways to avoid such situations when using music in videos.  “Make sure all third party rights are cleared before pushing content out on social media… Make sure a licensing expert is on your marketing team; if not, get legal involved before new marketing content is posted online… [and] Don’t assume anything; independently verify that all third part rights are clear”

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