Fair Play Fair Pay Act

Congress members, Jerrold Nadler and Marsha Blackburn have introduced a bill addressing various issues surrounding licensing digital music as well as requiring radio stations to pay royalties to performing artists. The bill dubbed, Fair Play Fair Pay Act, would create a new federal copyright law for “terrestrial performance right for sound recordings,” which would enforce songwriters and artists to be paid for works played on radio.

In addition, Fair Play Fair Pay Act would change how royalty rates are set for satellite and internet music providers. In a statement by Mr. Nadler, he said “The current system is antiquated and broken… It pits technologies against each other and allows certain services to get away with paying little or nothing to artists.”

While the bill has a good amount of support by many areas of the industry, not all are in favor. In a statement issued by the The Free Radio Alliance, they opposed the act stating, “The performance tax legislation introduced by Rep. Jerrold Nadler is mostly a patchwork of past proposals, which have failed to pass Congress previously. It’s ironic that the only thing the music industry seems to be able to agree upon is taking more money from others, like radio stations, for themselves.”

For more information on the Fair Play Fair Pay Act go to Billboard or The New York Times