Neal Zamil

CFO, 300 Entertainment

“We knew we had always planned to outsource our royalty department and wanted to work with a group that’s as flexible and dynamic as we are. I can rest easy knowing that our royalties are in Royalty Solutions Corp’s hands. They’re total pros.”

Scott Padell

Business Manager, Dropkick Murphys

When I was hired by Dropkick Murphys, I turned to Royalty Solutions Corp to handle the difficult task of calculating and processing the band’s quarterly royalty statement.  Our royalty processes is complex due to DKM’s 12 albums and 9 band members, as well as mechanical royalty statements. Royalty Solutions has become a trusted partner. I have recommended them other clients of mine.

Nat Hays

Co-Founder & Chairman, +1 Records

For years I did our royalty statements myself.  But the more our label grew, the more inefficient that process became. Royalty Solutions now lets us utilize their system and technology, which has allowed us to scale our business, accelerate its growth, and re-focus my energy on signing and developing new artists.

Jonathan Pardo

Manager, Boyce Avenue

Royalty Solutions takes care of all my licensing, registration and royalty calculation needs for Boyce Avenue so that we can rest easy knowing we’re covered.  Boyce Avenue puts out dozens of songs and albums a year so having the assistance of a company like Royalty Solutions is an absolute necessity to our business.

Shannon Pollard

Owner and Founder, Plowboy Music

I wanted to start my own label because of my love of music but was unfamiliar with the accounting end of the industry. My business partner Cheetah Chrome recommended Royalty Solutions based on his excellent experience with them as a member of the punk rock band The Deadboys.  Because of my relationship with RSC, I have been able to concentrate on great albums and not worry about who to pay. They have been a great asset.

Music Labels

Client: 300 Entertainment

 300 Entertainment

300 Entertainment is an American independent record label distributed by Atlantic Records. Founded by industry veterans Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles and Todd Moscowitz, 300 was created with the intent to develop and run a smarter, nimbler, more efficient music company that uses fewer resources than major labels – in order to do more for the artists. The announcement of 300 has caused ripples of anticipation throughout the industry, with many expecting very big things from this new entity.

Client: Dropkick MurphysDropkick Murphys

The Dropkick Murphys have risen from their basic Irish-punk roots to become a rocking & rolling, raging, green-clover machine.  With popular songs like “I’m Shipping Up To Boston,” “Tessie,” and “The State Of Massachusetts,” Dropkick Murphys are now one of the best-known rock bands in the world.

Client: Boyce AvenueBoyce Avenue

Since gaining internet stardom for their YouTube cover performances of pop hits, Boyce Avenue has hit the main stream.  After releasing incredibly popular recordings of their cover songs, Alejandro, Daniel, and Fabian Manzano, who make up Boyce Avenue, have finally released a much anticipated LP of original tracks. The band now plays for sold out houses around the world, including live television performance. They’ve recently started their own label to represent other YouTube up and comers.

Client: Broken Toy Records / Samantha RonsonBroken Toy Records

Broken Toy Records is the latest endeavor from famed DJ, Samantha Ronson. The label was created to represent Ronson when she made the jump from DJ to performing artist, with her long awaited album “Chasing the Reds.”


Client: Plowboy Records

Plowboy Records

Plowboy Records was created to keep the music of Eddy Arnold, one of the greatest singers in both country and pop genres, fresh in the public mind in creative ways, as well as to branch out and find new acts that focus on the creation of authentic music regardless of genre. Plowboy’s goal is to usher the next generation of artists into Nashville and The Grand Ole Opry.

Client: +1 Records

+1 Records

Specializing in artist development, +1 Records was launched in 2008 and represents new artists such as The Heavy, The Postelles, The Morning Benders, Illinois and The Boy Least Likely To.


Client: Ooh La La RecordingsOoh La La Recordings

Ooh La La Records is a boutique artist development company and independent label based in Brooklyn, NY. It was founded in 2009 by musician/producer Theo Aronson. Ooh La La currently represents several new bands out of NYC, including Tropic of Pisces, Ace Reporter, White Arrows, The Last Royals, and 1,2,3.

Clients: Don Giovanni Records

Don Giovanni Records

A NYC based indie label, Don Giovanni’s primary focus has been on bands local to the New York/New Jersey underground scene – with a heavy focus on New Brunswick, NJ’s basement scene. The label has released albums for The Screaming Females, The Steinways, Chris Gethard, and many others.


Clients: 3 Peace Records

 3 Peace Records

This label was created by the incredibly successful Manzano brothers, of Boyce Avenue 3 Peace Records is home to the band’s first album of original songs as well as home to Hannah Trigwell, a YouTube sensation in her own right.


Client: Scion Music GroupScion Music Group

Scion Music’s record label division is responsible for the release of soundtracks for Californication, Parenthood, and Friday Night Lights.



Music Publishers

Client: Boston Scally PunkBoston Scally Punk

Boston Scally Punk was created to be the music publisher for Dropkick Murphys.  They’ve published many of the band’s hit records, such as Do or Die, Blackout, and Sing Loud Sing Proud.


Client: Memory Lane Music GroupMemory Lane Music Group

Established in 1923, Memory Lane Music Group boasts a rich history, earning a stellar reputation as one of the most trusted names in indie music publishing. Their impressive client list includes RaeKwon, Mims, Haven Gillespie, Beasley Smith, and Larry Stock.