Royalties 101 Infographic

The Music Business Association (formerly National Association of Record Merchandisers) just published a new installment in their series of infographics for the music business. Called “Music Royalties Quickstart Guide” (available here), this is a guide to the complex world of royalties and licensing for musicians. It provides a dictionary of terms commonly used as well as explanation for many types of revenue streams, royalty rates, and collection mechanisms for each. These collection mechanisms include physical products & download sales, radio & TV performance, satellite & cable radio, non-interactive streaming radio & on-demand streaming, and synchronization (music played with visuals.)

Vote For SxSW Panel: Cover Recordings

Royalty Solutions created a panel proposal for 2015 SxSW. Please take a min to vote on the SxSW Panel Picker.

Cover Recordings: Career Boost or Bust?

This panel will discuss the pros and cons of starting out with cover recordings and what you can do to get your songs out successfully and legally.

Welcome 300 Entertainment to Royalty Solutions



Royalty Solutions Corp, a royalty processing and licensing service company, is excited to announce its newest client, 300 Entertainment. Royalty Solutions Corp, with its reputation for unparalleled customer service, accuracy, and reliability offers 300 Entertainment the ability to focus its energies on creating music, while entrusting its administrative duties to the care of the experts at Royalty Solutions.

“We are very excited to start processing 300’s catalog and royalties. This is exactly the type of innovative project we enjoy at Royalty Solutions.” said Mark Spier, CEO of Royalty Solutions Corp. “This is a service that will help 300 significantly as they grow. Now they can focus their time and energy on developing their innovative company model.”

“We knew we had always planned to outsource our royalty department and wanted to work with a group that’s as flexible and dynamic as we are.” said Neal Zamil, CFO of 300 Entertainment. “I can rest easy knowing that our royalties are in Royalty Solutions Corp’s hands. They’re total pros.”

Founded by industry vets, Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles and Todd Moscowitz, 300 Entertainment was created as a label for a new age – to offer unprecedented service to its artists.