An Argument for Less Music Regulation

In an op-ed piece written by Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) for The Hill, the Congressman argues for deregulating the music industry in order to promote music creation.  Collins states that “The main struggle today is largely due to the fact that the laws and regulations that govern music licensing cannot keep up with the innovations in music access… the industry is in a tailspin about how to compensate songwriters and artists amidst the web of outdated polices that govern a marketplace that didn’t exist a decade ago.”

Collins goes on to state that there are parties that benefit from the lack of clarity in the laws that govern ASCAP, BMI, and their Royalty Rates.  And that these large corporate interests, mainly tech companies, often argue that they have a moral obligation to provide public access to artists’ work. When in reality, these organizations are profitable primarily due to the sub-market rates they enjoy from governmental regulations.

On the other side, it is speculated that music creators and those whom represent them will benefit the most from reform, therefore those groups are looking forward to further changes.